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The  HEATH-board



Example of  interfaced with computer

 (Minimum computer requirements:  800MHz, 100Mb memory, microphone port, audio speakers)

 HEATH-board with Karaoke machine.


The  HEATH-board

The HEATH-board is a fun and exciting interactive creative tool which, through the userís touch and movement, produces instant audio and/or visual responses.
The HEATH-board  with a paper or canvas attached to its surface , when used with the HEATH-board software on a computer, can convert the sensing signal of the userís touch and movement on the board to trigger any sound and/or image file in real time.  These files can be triggered randomly or sequentially based on the amplitude of the touch or movement of the user. Any sound or image file can be installed in custom sets for specific needs. In real time, the artist hears the results of their actions to encourage them to experience the next action and resulting sound. This has significantly increased both excitement and attention span in many of our young artists.

The HEATH-board can be used with a karaoke machine allowing the user to hear sounds produced as they draw or paint. For example, as brush touches and moves across the canvas, the sound is picked up and amplified by a karaoke machine; an echo effect is added for excitement. 


HEATH-boards with the  sound/image  HEATH-board software are presently being used in 32 autistic support classrooms
serving approximatly 200 special needs artists ranging from 5 to 20 years old.

Click here to see video clips of artists with autism

All Original Custom Software developed by David Heath
All rights reserved and copyrighted 2006


Price list and technical information

1. Basic Software comes with six (6) trigger sets of sounds. Each will react to the signals from the Heath-board by playing musical notes, the stronger the contact on the Heath-board, the higher the pitch.
This action allows the user to create their own style of music by interacting with the
2. Version 2 functions like the Basic, but comes with 32 trigger sets of sounds.  Some are randomly or sequentially triggered.
3. Version 3 functions similar to Version 2.  In addition, it allows the user to create and save new personalized trigger sets using any sound and/or image file.


Basic Software                                                               $ 16.95
Version 2 Software                                                        $  49.95
Version 3 Software                                                         $ 74.95
Karaoke Machine                                                            $ 29.95
Heath-board                                                                                                         $ 69.95
Prints                                                                             $ 75.00
Art Paper  (25 sheets)                                                     $   6.00



Basic software with Heath-board                                   $  73.95
Version 2 Software with Heath-board                            $ 115.95
Version 3 Software with Heath-board                              $ 139.95

<>All sales are subject to Pa. 6% sales tax.


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New !!!  Hand-held "1Ttouch" Conductor !!!

The 1Ttouch Conductors are a fun & exciting interactive creative instrument which,
through the userís touch and movement, produces instant audio and/or visual responses.
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All rights reserved and copyrighted 2006